CSDI is proposing to build an NHL hockey arena and events venue surrounded by mixed-use development, located on Albert Street between Preston Street and City Centre Avenue.
After almost 20 years as an urban planner with the City of Ottawa, most recently tasked with the job of overseeing its new official plan, Alain Miguelez has joined the National Capital Commission.
Proximity to major transportation routes makes location a prime hub for logistics company, project proponents say
Several NCC members expressed a desire that the building not be covered with scaffolding and plain white tarps, but instead the NCC consider a printed tarp that would include an image of the building.
Bridges, roads, paths and buildings across the capital region that are owned by the National Capital Commission are crumbling and the commission doesn’t have the funding to fix them.
The second phase for Ottawa’s light rail transit has cleared another hurdle, with the NCC approving of the city’s construction plans on its lands in the west.
The development team behind the controversial proposed addition to the Chateau Laurier presented a revised vision of the plan to the public on Thursday night that scaled back the size of
Tunney’s Pasture, Lincoln Fields and several parcels on the Central Experimental Farm are among the dozen locations floated by the National Capital Commission as a new home for the Ottawa Hospital’
No more detours, no right hooks, no more drivers’ dirty looks?
The National Capital Commission’s draft plan for the next 50 years envisions a more populous Ottawa region, home to about two million people by 2067, where the federal government might play