James Baker

Our top 10 are a diverse bunch, but all have been challenged by their rapid growth, especially in this difficult economy. Here are numbers 10 through six
Monday's event hosted by OBJ and the Ottawa Board of Trade attracted a sold-out contingent of 144 golfers.
Work-from-anywhere trend means local businesses are seeing new opportunities to hire outside the National Capital Region
Where does a business go after placing high on OBJ’s fastest-growing companies in back-to-back years? For executive recruitment firm Keynote Group, the answer is Toronto
Local employers must help workers feel more engaged if Ottawa wants to retain top talent, experts say
Despite enjoying revenue growth most other companies can only dream of, the founders of the Keynote Group took a good, long look in the mirror last year and determined big changes were in
A family enterprise features dynamics unlike any other business.
Ottawa accountants got the chance to shed their reputation as cautious, risk-averse beancounters while hosting their popular Grand Casino: Betting Against Cancer charity event.
The story of how Keynote Group founders Donna Baker and James Baker came together to create the fastest-growing Ottawa-based recruitment agency can be traced back to a freak snowstorm in
While we've all heard stories about family businesses gone bad (think McCain Foods and its bitter succession feud), family-owned firms are the bedrock of communities and the backbone of economies.