Canada Lands Company

The 1.6-million-square-foot office complex just south of the St. Laurent Shopping Centre is part of a plan to turn the site into a mixed-use neighbourhood with residential units, parks and shops.
Canada Lands Co. is teaming up with an Aboriginal group on a plan that would see private developers build three mixed-use towers on a prime parcel of real estate just west of the Glebe
Two sizeable projects got the green light from Ottawa’s planning committee Thursday.
The federal custodian of a disused laboratory complex in central Ottawa plans to rezone the property to permit a handful of new towers, rising up to 24 storeys, in advance of selling the land to pr
With the first new homes at the former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe under construction and slated for occupancy later this year, another major homebuilder has secured a stake in the ma
The two projects may be in early days, but emerging details surrounding the long-unused Booth Street and Gladstone Avenue properties are earning positive reviews from the Preston Street B