Electric vehicles

Ottawa and Ontario have reached a deal with a global materials technology and recycling group to build a new battery component facility in the province's Loyalist Township that will supply parts for…
Ottawa cleantech firm has landed $4.5 million in new funding as it gears up to launch a multimillion-dollar pilot project that will see Ottawa Hydro test-drive its latest technology.
Exponential growth in electric vehicles leading to growing demand for battery recycling
Agreement will have a significant impact on the industry's supply chain, Trudeau said from Ford's connectivity and innovation centre in Kanata.
Landlord KRP Properties has highest concentration of charging stations in Ottawa-Gatineau
Does the road to faster-charging electric vehicles run through Ottawa?
It’s a modern take on the classic chicken-and-egg question: Which needs to come first – the electric car or the charger?
Sticker shock and a limited selection are two main factors that discourage more Canadians from buying an electric vehicle, a new survey of car sales representatives suggests – two issues
With automakers investing billions of dollars into electric vehicles, a revolution in how Canadians commute is on the horizon.
Hydro Ottawa has partnered with a Quebec-based company on a pilot project to install charging stations for electric vehicles at local residences.