Company that’s aiming to become Canada’s first qualified custodian for cryptocurrency assets sees "huge opportunity" in emerging industry.
A month into his “retirement" from the cannabis industry, Adam Miron was back on the front lines of another business sector that’s gradually finding its feet in Canada: cryptocurrency.
Legalized marijuana and digital currencies have generated attractive returns for early backers who timed their investments right. However, new regulations, cross-border complexities and growing fraud…
An Ottawa communications firm, responsible for adult film star and American political figure Stormy Daniels’ website, is bringing a cryptocurrency-based payment system to its high-profile
A key concern for many startups is how to fairly compensate staff, especially in the early stages when the budget is tight.
Are bitcoins a security? They might be, according to the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). On August 24, 2017 the CSA released CSA Staff Notice 46-307 Cryptocurrency Offerings.