The crypto world is still evolving rapidly, but there is growing integration with existing financial frameworks to make the transition to the space from traditional finance smoother.
Canadians are less likely than Americans to use or invest in cryptocurrencies, says a new survey released Tuesday.
Some of Canada's leaders in the blockchain sector launched Tuesday a non-profit association aimed at moving the needle on regulation of cryptocurrencies anddigital assets in this country.
Canada's banking industry says it will follow through with the federal government's emergency orders targeting the trucker protesters as discussions on how best to implement them continue.
Exchange says Lütke will help as Coinbase looks to expand crypto to more people and businesses globally.
Company that’s aiming to become Canada’s first qualified custodian for cryptocurrency assets sees "huge opportunity" in emerging industry.
A month into his “retirement" from the cannabis industry, Adam Miron was back on the front lines of another business sector that’s gradually finding its feet in Canada: cryptocurrency.
Legalized marijuana and digital currencies have generated attractive returns for early backers who timed their investments right. However, new regulations, cross-border complexities and growing fraud…
An Ottawa communications firm, responsible for adult film star and American political figure Stormy Daniels’ website, is bringing a cryptocurrency-based payment system to its high-profile
A key concern for many startups is how to fairly compensate staff, especially in the early stages when the budget is tight.