Jason Lee

Stittsville-based SmartCone's sensors will help detect pedestrians and other obstacles as self-driving shuttle ferries passengers back and forth from a southern Ontario transit station.
Stittsville-based company smells lucrative opportunity in getting rid of man-made debris that could be on a collision course with the growing network of low-Earth orbit satellites.
When Jason Lee first started hearing about nationwide lockdowns to thwart the spread of the coronavirus, his instinct for collaboration didn’t take long to kick in.
An Ottawa-based high-tech company is shifting its focus to a simpler solution that could solve some common COVID-19 concerns while funding a more rapid response to the pandemic
Between the moon, autonomous vehicles and a slew of other use cases, CEO Jason Lee believes SmartCone can do it all without sacrificing its momentum
On a plot of land that once served as a stark reminder of how quickly a promising tech sector can go bust, a new facility is paving the way for cutting-edge products that could fundamentally change
Travelling through Bolivia, Siberia and the Middle East early in his career, Jason Lee says the many security and communications projects he was working on all shared a common flaw.
One year ago, Jason Lee took the stage at TiECon Canada’s annual pitchfest.