Paul Loucks

Firm that makes high-tech sensors that test the quality of concrete still heading for double-digit revenue growth despite pandemic.
Giatec co-founder Pouria Ghods said one of the factors helping the firm grow is the attractiveness of its solution to an industry facing a talent crunch
An Ottawa tech firm is teaming with a renowned group of Montreal-based artificial intelligence researchers to bring AI to the concrete industry.
Techopia’s annual tech-firms-to-watch list is about more than high-potential startups.
Before signing off for the year, Techopia Live assembled a panel to share the highlights from the year in tech that was and give predictions on what 2019 might have in store.
One of Ottawa’s hottest tech firms announced Monday that it’s bringing one of the city’s most vaunted tech executives back into the game to lead the company’s scaling efforts.
Three years ago, when Ross Video purchased a Florida-based sports production firm, CEO David Ross made a bold prediction.  “We’re just getting started,” he told OBJ in 2013.
Ottawa-based Halogen Software is making “incremental progress” but there is still plenty of room for improvement, new CEO Les Rechan said late Thursday.
After hiring an American executive search firm to help in its search for a new CEO, Ottawa-based Halogen Software has determined the “ideal fit” was already in the position.
What happens when a visionary leader moves on?