Ottawa startup's platform that allows customers to take 3D online walkthroughs of restaurants and pay extra to reserve specific tables is now in use in more than 50 eateries.
Restaurants in Canada are raising prices, shrinking menus and reducing hours in a bid to survive inflation and labour shortages, a new report says, and Ottawa eateries are no exception.
The Post Office Cocktail Bar in Smiths Falls, a "labour of love," opened less than a month ago, tucked into the basement of the old post office, circa 1894.
Restaurants across the country are reducing hours and condensing menus as persistent staff shortages and spiking costs threaten to derail the industry's comeback from crushing pandemic restrictions.
Why would a restaurant in Ottawa open a second location in Vegas? That is a very good question. It was a gamble. I’ll tell you the story and maybe, just maybe, it will all make sense.
Small businesses across Eastern Ontario, from retail stores to restaurants, proved their resiliency by surviving the lockdowns of a pandemic.
Ottawa businessman John Borsten has spent decades building a restaurant empire guaranteed to last, much like the nearly 200-year-old ByWard Market where many of his eateries are situated.
Known for its diverse menu and bold flavours, the East India Company has quickly become a fan-favourite for Ottawans.
Organizers of GoFundMe fundraiser are set to start distributing money to most-affected businesses later this month.
Tourism officials call new $700K structure 'a game-changer'