Coping with COVID-19

STUNNING! Fashion + Accessories shop buoyed by e-commerce sales, customer loyalty and decision to pivot toward more comfy-cozy clothing trends
Restaurateur Jonathan Reynaert hosts staff appreciation day in recognition of COVID-19 impact on employees
OBJ publisher Michael Curran speaks with Joshua Moon, a partner and real estate law expert at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP about the options available to tenants and landlords amid the…
OBJ publisher Michael Curran speaks with Dr. Vijay Jog, president of CRGroup to discuss how CFOs and financial leaders can build stronger, modern and agile companies.
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Practical tips on how to recall laid-off employees and learn what health and safety issues employers now face as well as how to navigate the unique needs of employees who are suddenly caring for…
Michael Curran speaks with OBJ editors David Sali and Peter Kovessy about some of the week’s biggest stories and how Ottawa’s business community is adapting to the ongoing economic challenges.
OBJ publisher Michael Curran speaks with leaders from Ottawa's homebuilding industry about how they are adapting during COVID-19.
Internet- and cloud-based technologies, tools and applications have enabled the abrupt shift to work-from-home operations. But they have also created more opportunities for cybercriminals.
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