Local clubs on track for record revenues in 2021 before provincially mandated shutdown, owners and managers say.
Airport officials “weren’t expecting anything explicit” in the feds’ latest spending plan, spokesperson says.
Ottawa Tourism boss Michael Crockatt said $1 billion in new spending earmarked for pandemic-battered sector across Canada suggests the feds understand the economic importance of the industry.
New measures include reducing capacity limits in essential retail stores and shutting down non-essential construction sites.
High-tech disinfectant on wheels has officially entered service on Hydro-Québec-owned Dash 8s, with more customers to come.
Projects could include renovating HVAC systems, installing water bottle refilling stations to boost access to safe drinking water and reconfiguring rooms with new walls and doors.
Some dealers worry they won’t be able to meet surging demand for recreational vehicles this summer as the pandemic drags on.
Startup hopes deal with Boehringer Ingelheim paves way for partnerships with other big health-care players as it launches $1M funding drive.
Ottawa biotech firm says it is restructuring in the wake of a “higher-than-expected level of inconclusive results” from its rapid COVID-19 testing device.
As vaccines roll out and we inch closer to a recovery phase, let’s remember the inequity this terrible health-care crisis has exposed.