remote work

Ian McGrath has made it clear to his bosses: If the company forces staff to return to the office, he'll tender his resignation.
Video meetings dampen brainstorming because we are so hyper-focused on the face in that box that we don't let our eyes and minds wander as much, a new study found.
Long before COVID-19 became an omnipresent part of Canadian life, Meredith Thatcher could sense an emerging seismic shift in the way tenants used technology to reimagine traditional office space.
Along with anxiety about commuting times and corporate vaccination policies come questions over what professional behaviour looks like in 2022.
Can you believe that after two years of this pandemic, we seem to collectively agree on something? The way we work has changed forever. 
Treasury Board president Mona Fortier gave the green light Monday for federal departments and agencies to begin bringing public servants back to the office.
During an address at the Mayor's Breakfast on Friday, Mona Fortier said the federal government will be looking for private-sector partners to help it digitize services for a hybrid work world.
Shopify's Peter Joynt has spent the past two years boosting the spirits of his colleagues and finding ways to make them feel connected to one another during the pandemic.
The growing acceptance of remote work is opening vast new talent pools for many businesses.
There is widespread hope that the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines will enable a full economic reopening and a return to some semblance of normalcy for businesses.