Paul Butcher

Opti9 Technologies has acquired a majority stake in Ottawa-based data backup and cloud infrastructure provider, which has been one of the capital's fastest-growing firms for a decade.
After spending 14 months carefully curing a single cut of meat in a specialized refrigerator, few things are less welcome than a weekend without power.
So say the industry analysts. The traditional on-premise data centre for business is dead, or at least on life support. But how does your business fit into this equation?
After Tuesday’s Amazon Web Services outage brought much of the internet to a standstill, an Ottawa cloud services provider says there’s still no reason for businesses to turn their backs on the clo
One of Ottawa’s fastest-growing companies has acquired a Toronto firm in a bid to expand its cloud-based services.
When tech veterans and longtime friends Paul Butcher and Jim Stechyson each found themselves looking for a new business challenge a few years ago, it didn’t take them long to hit upon the perfect b