Public Works

The federal government says it’s planning another major overhaul of the central heating and cooling plant that serves dozens of downtown Ottawa buildings.
Public Works is looking to hire an architectural firm to help it draft plans for a major overhaul of the country’s single-largest federal office complex so that it no longer poses a health and safe
OC Transpo is gearing up to keep as many National Defence employees as possible as the great Nortel campus migration finally begins.
Senior officials at National Defence were concerned last fall that the Harper government's plan to rescue its problem-plagued military procurement system would make a bad situation even worse.
A pair of planned new office buildings at Tunney’s Pasture and the Ottawa Train Yards could be a signal that developers believe the federal government is ready to shed more real estate in the downt
The year 2013 may be remembered as the year in which all the things that Public Works had said would start happening did indeed start happening.
The federal government is refusing to go into details regarding discussions with a landlord about vacating 500,000 square feet of office space in the National Capital Region, a move that would impa
Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense, which has an office in Ottawa, plans to bid on the Canadian Forces’ standard military pattern truck contract of the proposed medium support vehicle system.
Public Works is soliciting bids for an estimated $91 million rehabilitation of the Government Conference Centre in the city’s former downtown train station on Rideau Street.
After sitting empty for four years, a decrepit federal office building near Dow’s Lake is finally being dismantled, according to Public Works.