Telfer Executive MBA

The flagship two-year degree program offers professionals and rising executives the opportunity to hone their skills in a variety of areas including leadership, communication and team management.
The University of Ottawa’s Telfer Executive MBA program is arming its students with a new layer of insights as part of its award-winning business education offerings.
The University of Ottawa’s Telfer Executive MBA program has been named the world’s No.
As our world grows ever more connected, important questions arise about cybersecurity and how we operate on a day-to-day basis.
All work and no play can make for dull entrepreneurs, but that’s never a problem in Silicon Valley.
Silicon Valley is well-branded as the largest technology hub in the world. Other regions in the world tried to duplicate it to a lesser degree of success.
Day six of the Telfer Executive MBA’s Silicon Valley experience was spent in San José, where we visited two highly successful tech companies and long-time residents of the Valley: IBM Alm
A business trip to San Francisco simply wouldn’t be complete without visiting Silicon Valley, the epicenter where big tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM and just about e
In this video blog, student Darren Fleming shares his impressions of San Francisco as well as his classmates’ reaction to presentations on how Nike
The class of 2017 arrived in San Francisco on a Saturday and enjoyed some leisure time in the Bay area as we waited the start of the business week.