Cirque was forced to cancel its shows earlier this year and cut nearly 3,500 employees due to the pandemic.
Interim pact is a placeholder that buys Canada and Britain another year to reach a more comprehensive agreement.
Increased revenue from parcel shipping failed to compensate for higher pandemic-related costs
The pandemic and the demands of raising children are likely to blame for the exit of women from the workforce, while men are benefiting from growth in the science, technology, engineering and math…
Nationally, rising food prices push annual rate of inflation 0.7% higher in October
Financial institutions must better gauge what risks they face from extreme weather, or rough transitions to a low-carbon economy, Macklem says.
A preview of some of the stories that will be making headlines in the coming days.
To lure moviegoers back, the company will heavily market affordable private theatre rentals ahead of the holiday season
Privacy commissioner calls for legislation to regulate the use and development of AI systems.
A new round of $500-a-week benefits for the unemployed has since been put in place and extended to next summer.