Mitel unveils rebrand, "Powering Connections"

This is not your father’s Mitel. In fact, it’s not even your older brother’s Mitel. And that’s why the Ottawa-based company launched a rebrand Wednesday morning at the Canadian Tire Centre.

“If you look at Mitel today, it is nothing like it was two years ago,” said CEO Rich McBee ahead of the launch. “We’ve over doubled in size, doubled in the number of facilities, doubled the number of employees we have. It’s just a much larger, more successful company.”

Mitel recorded record-breaking revenue of $288.7 million in its last earnings report.

Mr. McBee said the new logo reflects not only the change from a regional company to a global leader, but also the shift from a hardware-focused company to a more software-oriented enterprise.

“We’re one of the fastest-growing cloud companies in our space, so it was time to kind of make a shift,” he said.

The rebranding process began a couple years ago, Mr. McBee said, but the real catalyst was the company’s acquisition of Aastra Technologies, announced in late 2013 and completed earlier this year..

The rebranding means the Aastra name is now gone, but the Mitel name survives. The company now has 3,500 staff worldwide.

“We found out the Mitel name was extremely strong and had elements of quality and innovation. Those are things we wanted to keep,” said Mr. McBee.

The new logo features two interlocked triangles of different shades of blue and the tag line “Powering Connections,” which Mr. McBee said is exactly what the company does.

“Everything is some form of a communication that’s happening and we’re the underlying technology that makes that happen,” he said.

The rebranding is also important for the future of the company, a future that will see it “stick with our knitting,” according to Mr. McBee.

He said enabling collaboration between business-to-business customers is “the game we play” and he doesn’t see that changing.

“We see a large opportunity on a global basis to continue to expand the company and grow in our core markets,” he said.