City Hall

Proposed bylaw 'would ensure that all businesses are on a level playing field,' Watson says.
Consortium that built the Confederation Line says Nicolas Truchon will take over for outgoing chief executive Peter Lauch effective July 10.
Peter Lauch has headed the consortium that built the $2.1-billion Confederation light rail line since the summer of 2018.
Some parking restrictions had been lifted earlier this spring as many residents began working from home amid COVID-19.
Line will be closed completely on June 21 and will operate only between Blair Station and the University of Ottawa from June 22-24.
New facility is expected to employ as many as 250 people.
Two multinational companies – Bird and Lime – have expressed interest in setting up shop in Ottawa.
Mayor says campaign will target local residents as well as visitors from nearby cities such as Kingston and Montreal.
Property tax and water bill deferrals, combined with declining revenues, is hurting the city's cash position.
Appearing on a live video segment with OBJ, Mayor Jim Watson said the path to recovery starts in our own backyards.